Apr 26, 2010


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Debtorboards, operated by Simple Machines LLC, is a web forum where users or members can share tips on how to defend against debtors.

Debtorboards claims that up to date, debtorboards members have collected $388,151.12 from creditors and have beaten back lawsuits attempting to collect $335,197 from creditors.

Debtorboards covers all topics you can possibly think of regarding debt collection including credit basics, suing your creditors, laws and resources such as telephone consumer protection act, other federal statutes, rules, regulations and FTC opinions, case law, state laws, and all government agencies and organizations involved in credit and debt business such credit reporting agencies, original creditors, collectors and agencies, and consumer attorneys, bankruptcy, and the kindrox archive among others.

Debtorboards with 5886 members covers 8407 topics and 64550 posts.

This is a very informative information forum site.  However, consumers may consider using their local attorneys to defend against wrongful debt collection.

For more information on Debtorboards, please visit the website at Debtorboards.com.

Some basic information for consumers

If you fail to pay bills, or a creditor mistakenly or deliberately make it appear that you do, a debt collector may be contacting you.


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