May 23, 2010

California teen becomes youngest to climb Everest

Mount Everest (topgold)

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A 13-year-old American boy on Saturday became the youngest climber to conquer Mount Everest, the world's highest mountain, a climbing website said  

Jordan Romero from Big Bear, California, scaled the 8,850 meter (29,035 feet) summit from the Tibetan side, on the same day a Nepali man broke his own world record for the most number of successful Everest attempts.

"The team has just called in and confirmed that they are standing on top of Mt. Everest," Romero's blog said.

"Their dreams have now come true. Everyone sounded unbelievably happy."

The ascent has put Romero one step closer to reaching his goal of climbing the highest mountains on all seven continents.

"It is just a goal," Romero had told Reuters in the Nepali capital Kathmandu in April. He had already climbed five peaks including Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, and needs to climb only Vinson Massif, the highest peak in Antarctica to hit his target.

The previous youngest person to summit Everest was 16-year-old Temba Tsheri Sherpa of Nepal


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