May 30, 2010

Fans and colleagues mourn the death of Dennis Hopper

Saturday, after Dennis Hopper passed away, fans and celebrities posted thousands of comments and paid tribute to Hopper’s life on Twitter and Facebook. resized_den14 Hopper died at his home in Venice, California after fighting prostate cancer; he was 74. A spokesperson for the family said that Hopper was with family and friends when he passed.

Thousands of tributes and good-buys were posted on Twitter and Facebook from celebrities who knew Hopper and fans who won’t forget.

Actress Marlee Matlin said that Hopper was a "maverick, a wonderful actor. You always got something unexpected from him."

Actress Virginia Madsen, who starred in one of Hopper’s films, tweeted this Saturday: "So long Dennis ... U taught me so much."

Jocko Sims, who starred with Hopper in TV’s "Crash," said that Hopper was a "legend."

Dennis Hopper has been in countless movies over the past 50 years, and he appeared in TV shows and movies in the 1950s that included: "Rebel Without a Cause," “The Utah Kid,” "Giant," “Apocalypse Now”, “Blue Velvet”, and most recently he appeared in the TV series “Crash”, which is based on the movie.


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