Jun 12, 2010

Football Association to have recycled plastic jersey-wear

2010 FIFA World Cup logo

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Soon will be the days when we will see our soccer superbs wearing jersey made of recycled plastic bottles and not of yarn with a great enthusiasm supporting environmental laws. The message showing ‘Say Yes to the plastic’ may be shocking to many but is the message which will be spreaded by the nine countries in the foot ball World cup 2010 organized in South Africa.

The nine countries are upto the best intention of wearing re-cycled plastic jersey to spread the message across the world to save the environment from adverse effects.

Nike official said in an email interview that jerseys which are produced by their company will be worn by many famous players, including Ronaldo and Robinho in South Africa play.

The official added saying that the jerseys are formed from the recycled polyester, made from eight re-cycled bottles. Each team constituting 23 players which means 184 bottles will be consumed per team at a time.

The official quoted saying, “The jerseys have helped in diverting 13 million plastic bottles, totaling nearly 254,000kg of polyester waste, from landfill sites. This amount would be enough to cover more than 29 football pitches. And if the recycled bottles used to make the jerseys were laid end-to-end, they would cover more than 3,000km, which is more than the entire coastline of South Africa. ”.

To produce such a material, the producer’s fabric suppliers obtained the unwanted plastic bottles from Taiwan and Japan, further softened to manufacture new yarn which finally will be made as a jersey fabric for use.

India rich in plastic consumption might get the opportunity from Nike, to provide the plastic bottles which will be glad news for all those worried about excessive plastic usage disturbing our environment stand.


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