Jun 3, 2010

“Royal Pains’ Season 2, Watch Video & Read Preview

Hank, Evan & the remaining members come back tonight to inaugurate Royal Pains 2nd  Season, optimistically to sort out some loose points left by Season 1. In 1st Season we viewed, Evan found out that all of HankMed’s income have become invisible from the company treasury, while Divya got busied, leaving Hank & Evan in worry as she’ll turn up to London and lose an unique worker. Could this mean the end of HankMed? Watch the Royal Pains, Season 2 premiere video.

Video: Premiere Preview: The viewers will find out tonight in the episode “Spasticity,” which takes up almost quickly the incidents later of last season–which signifies HankMed is yet broke, Boris is yet dying & Divya is till now engaged.

As Royal Pains opener explores the particular storylines of all the specific characters, we too see Hank & Divya tend to the successor of a popular inventor who finishes up getting hurt after his efforts to maintain some distance from his father. We too view Evan & Hank disagree when it comes to their father. In the mean time, Jill’s job at Hamptons Heritage is in danger when her adviser takes drastic steps to have her fired. You too can watch the Royal Pains, Season 2 Premiere


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