Jul 22, 2010

4chan Is Family Oriented

chan Is Family Oriented, Today Good Morning America has spoken of Jessi Slaighter, YouTube, 4chan, and the Internet, wants to know if 4chan is family oriented. Those who do not know much about 4chan, you can find more information on the official website or Wikipedia.4chanpartyvan
In its simplest form, 4chan is a bulletin board-based “images”, which most users of Twitter is far from “Focus on the Family.” You only have to look at some of the latest news in the last 12 months, involving 4chan, and you see a lot of establishing a negative reaction.
We have seen 4chan vs Twitter vs 4chan Gawker,? AT & T vs 4chan, 4chan seems to have been against the social web for some time. What is your opinion on 4chan, and its place in today’s Internet?


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