Jul 24, 2010

Desiree Jennings Health

Desiree Jennings Health:Jennings Desiree lived dream come true. 25-year-old was a marketing job in a large company, was married to a beautiful, successful people, and it was a complicated hobby: she was eager runner and cheerleading ambassador for the football team Washington Redskins.thumb-300x225
But almost immediately went Jennings out of the picture of happiness and health, twisted, stuttering vision pain and suffering.

After the usual influenza in the autumn of last year, Jennings said that she began to experience fever and painful body aches. The symptoms rapidly progressed until she could walk only with twisted, the termination step, and it was difficult to read, making simple math – even remembering things. Her condition put an end to its once wild life.

“I want to work, I want to do something,” she said. “But who will hire someone who can not remember what they did yesterday?”

Jennings developed another symptom of the odd – odd foreign accent, the Midwestern woman suddenly sounded British. “It sounds as an accent, but it is not. I just can not say a word more,” she said.

But perhaps the worst thing that happens when Jennings was trying to recall specific memories. In its “20/20″ interview, speech, Jennings handed stuttering, it’s a complete nonsense.

“The mind keeps bouncing around and it will not stand for that memory,” she said. “He gets garbled up on a bad hard drive, so to speak.”

In search of treatment, Jennings and her husband Brendan visited countless doctors and 4 hospitals, including Johns Hopkins Hospital. There, a physical therapist said Jennings, dystonia, a rare disease which causes the muscles twitching or convulsions forcibly. Symptoms similar to his own.

Jennings looked online and saw that in some cases, people with dystonia who have problems with going ahead, as it can go in the opposite direction. Even more impressive, dedicated Jogger that medical site says, some sufferers may be started.

“Within 5 minutes to see it on the website, in her shoes,” Brendan recalled.

Miraculously, Jennings can run. In addition, she learned she could go back, and even sideways, and that while she was his speech returned to normal life.

“This is a strange thing,” she said. “As soon as you try to enter the working movement, you feel the whole body fix itself.”

It was not long before Jennings became a sensation. Videos beautiful young support group, splashing and stuttering on some point work and normally speak further, went viral. At one time, she became a living anti-vaccine movement and the global Internet joke. YouTube Comic received millions of hits set its convulsive movements in rap music.


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