Mar 12, 2010

The 912 Project

The 912 Project : It’s one year since Glenn Beck and 912 project ( started. Project 912 in LALATE bankrupt on March 13, 2009 and has become one of the biggest stories this month hee.
Glenn Beck in the project 912 story attracted more than 10,000 readers per day for the first days here on LALATE. Some comments on the following:
Conservative Party. You have done your service unique and permanent, and you have a source of inspiration for us to stop sitting on our hands and not doing anything. The time has come for Americans to restore their country, and because of what you’ve done, and I think we can now!
“Our representatives need to read the preamble to the” Constitution. “It states” We the people of the United States “because it does not say anything about people from North America or Western hemisphere, or the world. We the people of the United States from your employers and the time become aware of this fact. ”
“We are in great need, but in an orderly rally in the capital in front of our capital to local legislators know that we are serious in our work. We also need to vote on the most incumbants.”
He disclosed that the project 912 during the March 13, 2009 Fox broadcast. LALATE has the original videotape of this announcement for you below, with effect from 2009:
Click here to watch the Glenn Beck video
Immediately they hit. crashed, forcing Beck to write
“More than 50,000 visitors in the second Bank of fried servers over the weekend. Every time we managed to migrate the data and resume, you did it again. Thank you for the weekend nightlife.
“I understand what this outpouring of interest means – and there is an urgent need for America to return to the fundamental principles and values. We do not require you to agree with everything in the list. Glenn stated that, if not supported by 7 of the principles 9 (and you get to pick which 7) , and then stood with us. regardless of your party affiliation – if you are proud 9/12er, you’re one of us. ”
Today Beck is to look back in the first year:
“Roving editor, I have been honored to be part of this vital source of information in many cases, a source of inspiration. There are a range of improvements and updates to the drawing board for the year (s) to forward, but theproject really belongs to you. Please continue to grow in 9-12 project with your thoughts and stories of success and struggle. There is an army of good faith within our own ranks, a rich knowledge base available to all who ask. 1st Eid Merry 912Project! “


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