Mar 2, 2010

Bachelor finale 2010

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The famous television shows are like the daily doses of doctors. People watch these reality shows regularly. Today the people are more interested in the reality shows than the films, dramas or the series play. The drama and suspense of reality attracts them more than the suspense of the movie or a film.

In the long list of the television reality show there is a big hit reality show named Bachelor Finale. This is a reality show in which a star will choose his or her life partner. In the beginning of the show more than ten contestants come and then the show began. With the passage of time by the voting and by different competition contestants started eliminating one by one. In the end there are three contestants will be left and then one will become the bride or groom of the star.

This time the star chosen for the season was Jake Pavelka.Jake is a famous star all over the world and he has given huge hits to the industry. Many beautiful bachelors want to marry him. Different women from different occupation came in the show and the show begun with the full excitement. Among the all contestants Vienna Giradi was in the limelight from the beginning of the show.

On the Bachelors finale which was held on 2nd March, 2010.On the finale which was held a few hours ago Jake the heart throb of the nation has chosen the very naughty bad girl named Vienna Giradi.She is just twenty three years old and is a beautiful lady and the choice of the Jake.


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