Mar 23, 2010

Dell sees enormous opportunity in India

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Image by Michael Dell / Dell via CrunchBase

Indicting that Indian economy and market is looking up as against the global markets which are still reeling under the after effects of recession, Dell said that the company’s annual revenues from India are growing at 100 per cent faster than the market rate.

“Our India business is growing 100 per cent. We are growing faster than the market, which is growing less than 100 per cent. We see enormous opportunities of growth in India,” Michael Dell, Chief Executive of Dell said on Tuesday, Mar 23.

Mr Dell is currently in India to map future strategies to inspite growth in the region.
The CEO of the global computer major also expressed confidence that recession was fading away and that the demand will pick up.
“Demand for (software) services is high... we don’t have to look for customers. We are on path to create more verticals. Like we can go after infrastructure management. We look at that service which is scalable,” he said.
Sameer Garde, MD and General Manager (Large Enterprises) Dell, who said that the India contributes two per cent of Dell’s global revenues, asserted that the company has a strong hold of 13 per cent market share in India.
The company has become the number 1 player in the Indian NoteB market, he added.
India is a crucial part of Dell's global strategy. The company identifies the Asian major as one among the key emerging markets along with the other BRIC countries.


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