Mar 21, 2010

Emma not part of 'Spice Girls' reunion tour

Singer Emma Bunton enjoys going on stage with her bandmates but says she cannot take part in “Spice Girls” reunion concerts while her son is young.

Popularly known as Baby Spice, Bunton insists she couldn't bear to be away from her two-year-old son Beau for a long time. Her singer-turned-chef partner Jade Jones is the father of the child.

"I love making music, but you have to tour and you have to work very, very hard. Having my little boy now, I can't imagine going off on tour for months on end. I feel very lucky that I'm able to dip my toe into all different things," quoted Bunton as saying.

The “Spice Girls” - Mel B, Mel C, Victoria Beckham and Geri Halliwell - embarked on their first reunion tour in December 2007 along with Bunton. At that time Beau was just three months old.

Bunton believes this was only manageable because the five women were able to take their loved-ones with them as they travelled around the world.

"Looking back, I'm not quite sure how I coped. Having Beau and Jade with me was very important. Also, being with the other girls made it a lot easier - we had all our children there and helped each other out. There's nothing like being on a stage with the other girls,” she said


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