Mar 30, 2010

Kate Gosselin Angers Her Partner in Dancing With the Stars

On a shocking rage on Monday, Kate Gosselin angered her partner, Tony Dovolani.

It was seen that when Kate asked Tony for more detailed instruction on the dance, he reportedly got frustrated and said in front of the camera that Kate could not dance “naturally”. He also said that when he was learning how to dance, he never questioned and now he wanted to quit.

Later on, after the commercial on Monday night, it was seen that Tony asked for an apology from Kate and then started dancing on the song “I’m still standing”.

Later it was observed that Kate was under pressure. It was also noted that yesterday was her birthday and she turned 35. She also writes that throughout her life, she has never been awakened of her creative expressive side and was a shock to realize that she would be performing in front of 24 million live viewers.

She expresses that her partner Tony, is a dance instructor, partner, psychotherapist, and friend.


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