Mar 31, 2010

“Miegakure”: The 4D Puzzle

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his time we have 4D offering which comes in the shape of a puzzle gaming platform called "Miegakure". "Miegakure" puzzle is being developed upon the very idea of moving in a 3d environ that ultimately employs twists and turns to give it shape to a 4 dimension world where a player has to run around in finding the way to exit. That is exactly where "Miegakure" gets it good as the puzzle focuses upon the implementation of the mathematical concept of trial and error which is being used in the game to figure out the fourth dimension that is involved in the game play.

"Miegakure" was unveiled at the Pax East 2010 with much fanfare and the game turned out to be pretty exciting as players lay their hands on it. In "Miegakure" the player will be moving up and down different tiles that is set against a 3D backdrop. The proceeding of the game involves swapping of environs to bring the 4D flavor in the game. Each environ has a whole new setup being drawn and the player has to put in some brains in order to make the correct swapping so that the road to exit comes out easily.

"Miegakure" makes abundant use of the trial and error method that offers a new insight into making this game the most innovative of all. However, enthusiasts shall have to wait for some time as this game is still in the making. The developers have a plan to launch "Miegakure" on all PC and Mac consoles as soon as possible.

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