Mar 9, 2010

My Life as Liz Season 2!

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Is there a My Life as Liz Season 2? Will a My Life as Liz Season 2 air, was it fake, and was the finale tonight … the series finale or just season finale?

My Life as Liz’s finale aired this evening on MTV. It’s leaving many questions unanswered. And if the net is any indication, the answers may not be good.

Tonight’s finale “The End of the Beginning” featured Liz considering moving to New York. Tonight was episode 9 of 9 for season 1 and got deemed the finale. But is it the season finale or series finale?

IMDB, Wikipedia and MTV do not list a season 2. IMDB generally lists upcoming seasons in production. No such season 2 in production is listed for My Life as Liz. So by all indications, tonight is the series finale. There is no season 2.

And is My Life as Liz fake?

IMDB lists the show as a “comedy”, not as a reality show, and says it is a “A pseudo-mockumentary focusing on sardonic 18 year old Liz Lee and her attempts to deal with life in her Texas town.”

Insiders say it was never completely real. Just people playing themselves in situations that were staged. So is it completely real? No. Completely fake? No.

MTV reportedly said of the show that “We don’t look at it as just a reality show — that doesn’t capture it. We weren’t going to call it a sitcom, because it’s not.”


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