Mar 19, 2010

Opera Launches Another Mini 5 Browser

Image representing Opera Software as depicted ...

Image via CrunchBase

The Opera software has launched a new Andriod version of its Mini 5 browser, on Thursday, thereby expanding the range of the systems that utilize the support of Mini 5.

The new browser can be used in RIM Blackberry smartphones and other handsets, as well.

The latest Opera browser comes with a capability of compressing the data by 90% before transferring it. This allows a phone to operate easily, despite having a low-bandwidth.

Opera claims that the browser performs as efficiently as a desktop computer's browser does. It is rich in features that include speed dialing, tabbed browsing, bookmarks and a password manager.

The Mini 5 browser is available on Opera's website for the Android users. It is also available at the android market.

"The user interface is clean, stark, and easy enough for any user to figure out after a few moments of fiddling around", said Eric Zeman, an Information Blogger, in a review.

Extolling the browser, he also said that its most remarkable feature is its speed.


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