Mar 13, 2010

Walt Dohrn

Walt Dohrn is a very famous actor of the Hollywood. He has done many movies and is rewarded by many awards. Walt Dohrn has now done an animated movie named Shrek Forever After. Shrek is the most famous cartoon character now days. Children just love to watch the Shrek movies.

They also love to wear its products like T-shirts with the Shrek tattoo and the Shrek watches, wall hangings, posters, bed sheets and the list is very long.

This animated movie has many other parts also. But this part Shrek Forever After in which Walt Dohrn has worked is very different from the other parts. In this parts Shrek wants to go on a far away land and he wants to discover that how he will spend the life on such a new and unknown far land. The plot of the story is very interesting. The Shrek has now become a famous personality. He has married to a princess also so now nobody is afraid of Shrek.

This thing makes the Shrek upset. He is the big green ogre. But now everybody knows him so nobody is afraid of him like the past but Shrek wanted to get the previous status. For this reason he moves to a unknown far far away land where there is no shriek’s when he moved there everybody get scared and the Shrek finally gets his status back.

Walt is the famous actor and the storyboard artist. He has done the storyboard of this film. He has done it excellently. Everybody likes his work. The interesting story is made by Walt.


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