Apr 5, 2010

Clash of the Titans: Review

Cover of "Clash of the Titans"

Cover of Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans will finally blast into theaters this weekend after a release date shuffle and a mundane 3D upgrade. The film is a remake of the 1981 Desmond Davis classic that hammers out all the stiff, campy elements we loved to make a gritty hard-hitting epic. The lead character doesn’t have any boyish charm or feathery hair, instead Sam Worthington takes over as Perseus the demigod son of Zeus, the only one who can stop Hades and his pet the Kraken from destroying mankind.


In Clash of the Titans, Sam Worthington plays the bastard son of Zeus who gets caught in a power struggle between the gods. Hades is the film’s villain, the vengeful god of the Underworld, and a brave Perseus volunteers to take him down when his family falls victim to his merciless hand. From that point on he makes it his life’s mission to keep him from gaining Zeus’s power and unleashing hell on earth.


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