Apr 23, 2010

Microsoft sees record revenue through Windows 7

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The launch of Windows 7 propelled Microsoft to record third-quarter revenue of $14.5 billion, a 6-percent increase from a year ago, the world's largest software company said Thursday.

Microsoft earned $4 billion in net income, a rise of 35 percent compared to the same quarter a year ago. 

"Windows 7 continues to be a growth engine, but we also saw strong growth in other areas like Bing search, Xbox LIVE and our emerging cloud services," chief financial officer Peter Klein said. "Our record third-quarter revenue along with continued rigor on cost management resulted in exceptional earnings-per-share growth." 

Windows revenue was up 28 percent, compared with the same quarter a year earlier, driven by strong demand for Windows 7. Microsoft said that more than 10 percent of all PCs worldwide are now running Windows 7, making Windows 7 by far the fastest-selling operating system in history.


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