Apr 10, 2010

Nikki Sixx

Nikki Sixx

Nikki Sixx via last.fm

Nikki Sixx is a leading songwriter for Motley Crue a heavy metal band. In addition to being a famous songwriter, he earned a name for himself as photographer, fashion designer and an author. Due to his rocking style of bass, he played with Brides of Destruction, Experimental Band 58 and London based Glam Metal Bands. For the time being he is playing for Sixx A.M. He was born in San Jose, California on December 11, 1958 and brought up by Deana Richards and grandparents, his loving family, which was left alone by his father. His mother was a backup singer and used to tour with bands. He spent most of the time with his grandparents and shifted to many places with them.

Early days of Nikki Sixx life were horrible. When he was residing in Jerome, he got addicted to drugs and burglary. He was famous as teenage hooligan who used to break into homes for stealing whatever is available. When he was completing his education, he was expelled from school for selling drugs in his bag.

When Nikki Sixx grandparents were not able to control his illegal activities, they sent him to his mother and it was there that he learnt how to play bass guitar. In a short period of time, he became a bassist and bought his own guitar. He did a lot of practice on his previous guitar which was stolen and when he required the new one it was sold to manage some money.

After deciding to establish a name for himself in music industry, he continued going for interviews to different bands and to earn money he did a lot of jobs like telemarketing on phone and liquor store. He was sure that one day the world will know him as the best bassist player.


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