Apr 22, 2010

Toyota Scores 360th Position In Forbes Ranking

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Toyota Motor Corp has fallen to 360th position from 3rd in the latest Forbes ranking.

The huge drop in the ranking is the result of drop in major automaker company’s sales in the middle of the global auto market fall.

This time only three Japanese companies managed to make it in the top 100 ranking :  Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp, Mitsubishi Corp and Honda Motor Co. Last year, 11 Japanese companies were ranked in the list.

The Forbes listing clearly shows that there is decrease in the presence of Japanese firms in the global economy. NTT was ranked at 41st, Mitsubishi 78th and Honda 86th.

Meanwhile, the major financial groups have also come down in the ranking. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc. dropped to 369th from 21st.

But, this time China has made an impressive growth as it has seven firms in the top 100, with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China ranked 5th. JPMorgan Chase topped the rankings, followed by General Electric and Bank of America.


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