Jun 15, 2010

Xbox 360 Slim release date, xbox 360 price, new xbox 360 console

Xbox 360 Slim release date, xbox 360 price, new xbox 360 console
new Xbox 360 Slim release date, xbox 360 price, coming on June 15, 2010! – Latest news and good news for the xbox360 lovers – xbox 360 slim is going to be release on 15 june 2010. Microsoft Xbox’s has video game fans ready for the newer, slim version of the popular console. Surprisingly, video gamers won’t have to wait long at all to get their hands on the slimmer and sleeker new console of xbox 360. The new Xbox 360 slim release date will be today means Tuesday June 15th, 2010, when orders will begin shipping. Check out the new Xbox 360 250GB Elite Console to order yours! mock-slim-xbox-360-1
The new Xbox 360 Slim or 250gb elite console has several updated new features and specifications. Most importantly NEW xbox 360 gives a bigger hard drive for storage of more video games, videos, music, pictures and data. Additionally, new Xbox 360 Slim has built-in wifi, unlike the previous edition which utilized an ethernet hardwired connection. Add to that the fact that this is a much sleeker, quieter design than its predecessor. The Xbox 360 slim system also will work with the exciting new Microsoft Kinect accessory which will bring motion sensor and voice command to games and more!
If you’re in Europe, don’t fret, as yours new xbox 360 is coming soon. Microsoft’s official Xbox Twitter account has confirmed the xbox 360 console hits there on July 16. It’ll definitely get louder when you play it more, and the DVD will be noisy when that’s spinning, but just compared to the bootup on the current Xboxes, it’s very quiet.”
xbox 360 slim price – new Xbox 360 Elite Console price will be $299, which is exactly what the original Xbox sold for. If you’re in the market for the video game, this might be the choice for you. However, keep in mid it st ill does not offer Blu-ray capability like its competitor, the Sony Playstation 3. Still, this might not even be a consideration for you, as you can enjoy streaming movies via Netflix and other online movie services. Or you may just want it for the Microsoft Xbox impressive assortment of video games! (or you’re rich and have all the latest video game consoles)

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