Jul 11, 2010

Dannii Minogue Tweets first picture of her baby

New mum Dannii Minogue has declined lucrative magazine deals and has instead taken to Twitter to give the world a glimpse of her baby son. ‘The X Factor’ judge was quick to post pictures on the internet of herself with baby Ethan and proud dad Kris Smith today at 4.03pm, just days after giving birth.Screenshot_1

Both Minogue and partner Smith posted pictures of themselves on their Twitter accounts. And thus, the couple has potentially killed of lucrative deals worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for the exclusive first pictures.

Minogue is believed to have turned down huge international deals for picture and interview exclusives during her pregnancy. "(There are) no plans to do any exclusive," News.com.au quoted her manager Melissa LeGear as saying.

It is believed Dannii used Skype to introduce her son to sis Kylie, who is in Ibiza. It is expected Minogue could leave hospital with Ethan today.


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