Jul 3, 2010

Russian spy' Anna Chapman's ex-British husband discloses her personal mails

'image_xlimage_2010_06_24288_Anna_ChapmanRussian spy' Anna Chapman's ex-British husband Alex Chapman has disclosed a series of emails she sent him weeks before her arrest, describing her regrets over the life she had chosen.

According to The Telegraph, Anna had repented in the mail that she had 'suffered a lot' because of her decision to put her career ahead of a chance to start a family with him.

"I determined to make a new life in America, it's never too late to be happy and to succeed...being happy is like business. You have to plan, achieve and enjoy." he paper quoted one of the e-mails, as saying.

Anna Chapman, who was arrested in the US last weekend as part of an 11-strong suspected spying ring, was married to public school-educated Alex Chapman for four years before they divorced in 2006. But the couple remained close friends and were in regular phone and email contact.

The 28-year-old men has revealed that both of them had discussed having a baby and strengthen their marriage further if she hadn't become obsessed with a new career after "secretive" meetings with Russians.

"She had to choose between her career and having a baby, and she chose her career. It was a really, really hard thing for both of us, but especially Anna. The Anna I knew when we got married wouldn't have done that. At the time, she had already begun having secretive meetings with people she called 'Russian friends," Alex said.

MI5 is investigating whether Anna, the daughter of a former KGB agent, was recruited as a spy while she was living in London between 2002 and 2006.

Chapman moved out of the marital home in 2005. Between the end of 2004 and 2006, she flitted between jobs at Barclays, a hedge fund and an aircraft hire firm, rubbing shoulders with businessmen including Philip Green and Vincent Tchenguiz.

Chapman was denied bail earlier this week. (ANI)


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