Aug 9, 2010

Inception" relegated to second place by Will Ferrell's "The Other Guys"

The Other Guys Movie Poster Contemporary mind-bending sci- fi spectacular "Inception," which ties up legendary filmmaker Christopher Nolan with multiple awards-winning Leonardo DiCaprio, has finally given in and was relegated to the second place of the box office under the onslaught from two debuts, the North America box office authority said on Sunday.

Projected statistics show that the only non-sequel blockbuster released in this summer has ended its three-week-long reign of the domestic box office, trailing the latest king of the box office, Paramount's "The Other Guys," with 18.2 million U.S. dollars. However, the Warner Bros' film has racked up nearly 230 million dollars in just 24 days, an evidence that it can still perform well with moviegoers in the United States and Canada.

Two of the weekend's debuts, comedy "The Other Guys" and "Step Up 3-D" rose to the top echelons of the box office derby, with " The Other Guys" becoming the king while the latter landed in third place.

Comedian Will Ferrell's and director Adam McKay's latest collaboration, "The Other Guys" was screened on 5,000 screens at 3, 651 locations, taking in 35.7 million dollars. It is the second buddy action comedy of the year following "Cop Out" and also the second biggest weekend opening for Ferrell personally. An aggressive marketing campaign marked by title characters' antics and nerve-jerking scenes also helped the action film's box office.

Disney's "Step Up 3-D," shown on close to 3,000 screens at 2, 435 locations includes 1,826 theaters presenting the movie in 3-D, is number three with 15.5 million dollars. The variety and younger audience-orientated dance movie has won moviegoers with 3-D as one of its major draws. It was released two and a half years after the screening of "Step Up 2." Two previous movies have opened with 20. 7 million dollars and 18.9 million dollars in 2006 and 2008 respectively. The third sequel on the franchise need time to make an announcement.

At number four is Sony's spy thriller "Salt" starring Angelina Jolie with 11 million dollars. Paramount's "Dinner for Schmucks" in its second week in release, fell from second to fifth place, with 10.5 million in sales.


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