Aug 22, 2010

Jonathan Cheban: ‘The Spin Crowd’

The Spin Crowd’ stars Jonathan Cheban and Simon Huck are saying that they work well together only because they are temperamentally so different. The PR people from the public relations firm reality series from E! has become vastly popular since it first aired in February and Cheban claims that they had only dreamed of such popularity when the pilot went into air on his B-day.
Cheban told Popeater: “The pilot actually aired the day of my birthday, so we were watching it at Phillipe at my birthday dinner. I was so overwhelmed. But it wasn’t until the next day, when the numbers came in, that it really hit me how many people were actually watching.”
Huck joins in saying that it was a crazy time for them. He adds that the idea originated some three years ago and they had in fact prepared two different pilots for the show.
On the question of their difference in personalities, the lanky Simon Huck claims that that very difference is the secret of their success- “Yeah. Our personalities are so different, but that’s why we work so well together. At the end of the day, I usually let the craziness go on and move forward.”
And both of them are equally elated to have Kim Kardashian as the Exec Producer of the show, too.


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