Aug 15, 2010

Stafon Johnson

stafonjohnson Stafon Johnson has been encountering with some fatal accidents in the past. He has now once again been side lined as he has a severe ankle injury. Stafon Johnson has great will power and he does not give up, he is a true sportsman. He came back into action after a long time as he had a shocking accident in the gym last year. He was working out on the bench press when he lost control of the weights and they fell onto his throat. He could not play for almost a year and after so much hard work and strong will power he was able to come back yesterday.
Every one was shocked to se him get hurt as he had done so much in order to come back into action. All his fans and his team members were sad to see him get hurt once again. One of his mates stated that it was heartbreaking to see him get hurt in the first pre season game and a game for which he struggled
so much to qualify. Stafon Johnson would be getting a surgery of his ankle tomorrow and although he might recover but there are almost no chances that he would be able to play this year. Poor Johnson would have to go through all the recovery period and train a lot in order to get back into shape and make his place back into the team.


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