Sep 23, 2010

Ad space on MySpace bought by 'Social Network'

The film 'Social Network' had failed to forge a marketing affiliation with the website that forms the basis of its story.the_social_network_movie_poster
We are talking the extremely popular social networking site Facebook. Therefore, the production house, Sony, has decided to buy ad space on the other enormously popular site, MySpace.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, clearly seems not to be a fan of the flick as it shows him in a phobic and paranoid self.

Ironically, the film has been rejected, so to speak, by Facebook and now the question a remains as to who would really bother about the movie on Myspace since it's not about it. The film is, in fact, meant for a user of Facebook.

Quantcast, that has the job of tracking the web traffic, estimates that about 133 million people visit Facebook on a monthly basis while it's a lost case for MySpace, where only 45 million people visit every month.

Myspace was once one of the fore-runners of this social networking rage that's everywhere in today's world; but soon it was dethroned by Facebook. Myspace lost its popularity owing to a series of hacked accounts, porno spamming and also much due to an unsociable user prerequisite knowledge of the HTML. Most Myspacers are now on Facebook which is way more user-friendly than Myspace ever could be.


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