Sep 8, 2010

George Clooney's 'The American' becomes no 1 in box office

George Clooney is riding high on the success of his latest action flick 'The American'. The recently released movie has become an instant hit and it is slated to rule the box office for quite a while.The-American-Movie-Poster
It has been quite some time since a George Clooney movie has come out and it is getting great reviews from all over the world.

Clooney's 'The American' has made USD 13.1 million in its very first weekend, the movie has got the vote of the international audience. The 25 year old and up audience has come out to watch this highly awaited movie and appreciated the movie. The movie opened last Wednesday and it has already made USD 19.5 million since.

The movie has an overall budget of USD 20 million and it will soon start making profit over the investment. This must be a good time for Clooney as the success of the movie proves once again that the movie-buffs really love watching this Hollywood hunk in action packed roles.

In 'The American', George Clooney plays the role of an American Hitman taking a break in Europe when his vacation plans get cancelled and his life is jeopardized. The man finds a love as well as the love for life while taking a vacation in Italy.


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