Sep 10, 2010

Stand Up to Cancer 2010 – Stand Up to Cancer 2

Stand Up to Cancer 2010 – Stand Up to Cancer 2 – The Stand Up to Cancer 2010 telethon will be featuring a number of celebrity guest appearances. The telethon itself will only last an hour and will be on a number of different popular networks. The hope is that the telethon will be able to raise millions of dollars for cancer research throughout the night.
Joining a host of other celebrities will be Michael Douglas. He is currently undergoing a battle with throat cancer and has been subjecting to radiation and chemotherapy. “It really knocks you out,” Douglas said describing the treatment.
Douglas will be joined by a number of other cancer survivors including Christina Applegate, Lance Armstrong and Elizabeth Edwards. Since 2008, the telethon has been able to raise more than $100 million toward the fight against cancer. Each day new studies are released that give scientists more insight into what gene mutations cause which types of cancer, and how to best go about treatment for the diseases. It will be nearly impossible to escape the telethon tonight, as it will be on nearly every major channel. Hopefully, the telethon will be able to raise a record amount of money to go toward the fight against cancer and fund new treatment research.


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