Sep 18, 2010

Yahoo! Mail beta heading out soon

While reports about a project codenamed ‘Minty’ remain fresh on our minds, Yahoo’s taken the time to announce something big for their e-mail service. Accordingly, the Yahoo! Mail blog has announced that Yahoo! Mail beta will be rolling out over the following weeks with several enhanced
The beta release will show off a squeaky clean interface that enables easier navigation through the inbox and other elements integrated within the service. Users can look forward to downloading or replying to messages much faster with this version and it’s an ‘anti-spam warrior’ according to Yahoo!.
Facebook and Twitter statuses can now be updated right from the inbox which delivers a revamped search page. What’s more, the launch will also include simpler ways for sending text messages, a fresh version of Yahoo! Messenger as well as improved video and photo sharing utilities.
Yahoo! Mail’s not just going to look neater on the PC browser, it’ll also present the reworked interface on tablets and mobile devices.


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