Oct 2, 2010

Airtel Call Home

airtelcallhome one india productAirtel is going global. Callhome his calling card service with Airtel, America, Britain, Canada and other countries move already living in Pakistan for their friends and family are recalled. Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and the Philippines – Airtel Callhome now four new countries have expanded their services for citizens.

With them and our own Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and the Philippines to be U.S. citizens very reasonable price, may include soft Callhome Airtel.

Airtel Callhome 4 new projects in America countries that meet the needs of citizens has begun. Plan are:

Sri Lanka plan ·
Now a special 6.49 cents / at least in Sri Lanka from the U.S. rate call from Airtel CallHome enjoy. $ 4.99 $ 4 you plan the balance of local access and a talktime of 62 minutes at least / to get 6.49 per cent administration fee of 99 cents. Sri Lanka plan approval is 30 days.
Sri Lanka plan to learn more about click here

Bangladesh project
Far from the U.S. tklm (cheap Bangladesh calling plan with Bangladesh now. Bangladesh with planning, call the rate of 2.99 per cent / minute to leave. $ 4.99 99 cents project management fee. your talktime 134 minutes. Enjoy 30 days, right. toll free in Bangladesh using mobile and landline call rates / minimum is 4.99 cents.
Plan Bangladesh to learn more about click here

Pakistan plans
Only 4.99 cents call minutes / Pakistan by the U.S.. $ 4.99 plan administration fee of 99 cents, at $ 4 you balance local minimum access / get 4.99 per cent. So when you talktime 80 minutes, your right is 30 days. Pakistan’s independence in the number of people using mobile and landline call rates / minimum is 7.99 cents.
Pakistan’s plan for more information click here

Philippines · plan
Airtel CallHome Philippines with a special plan with the U.S. rate to call Philippines. $ 4.99 plan with access to local min / A flat rate of 10.99 per cent enjoy. This local approval with 30 days of use of any phone in the Philippines in the 45 minutes have $ 4.99. Mobile and landline in the Philippines using toll free to call rate / minimum is 13.99 cents.
Philippines plans to learn more about click here

Each of the above projects to be easily used across the world can call. For more information visit Airtel Callhome.


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