Oct 19, 2010


tumblr-300x199VersaEmerge consists of three parts of the rock band from Port St. Lucie, Florida, United States, currently signed to record label Fueled By Ramen. They have three EP’s, a city built on sand, perception and VersaEmerge, and their debut album, fixed at zero, was released June 22, 2010. VersaEmerge came together after the two founders’ previous band, “My Fair Verona, broke up.
Beginning and cities built on sand (2005-2007)

Florida group formed at VersaEmerge (guitar and backing vocals), Blake Harnage and former drummer Anthony Martone was in high school. Originally they were in a group called “My Fair Verona. After the MFV collapsed Harnage Marton and went on to form their own group. They chose the name “VersaEmerge” of the conditions (vice versa), that means the opposite, and “exit”, which means to rise.  the group recorded their first EP, “The city is built on sand” in 2005 featuring former members of the Spencer Pearson on vocals, Anthony James on vocals, programming and synthesizer; Josh center on the guitar (and composer) and Nick Osborne on bass . With the departure of four members, the group recruited bassist Devin “Dirty D” Ingelido from Bury Ashes . The following year, the current vocalist Sierra Kusterbeck auditioned for the vocal position by sending a tape on the Internet. Although members of Anthony Martone, Devin Ingelido and James Lano were not too sure Kusterbeck, Harnage convinced them that she was right to work, and she soon joined the band in 2007.  It is unlikely that they know what Kusterbeck lied about her age saying she was 18 years old when she was actually 16, so that she can get listening to .
Perception (2007-2008)

They played local shows at home and went on tour with bands such as Cyrus, Our Last Night, There for Tomorrow, and Craig Owens.  the group worked and released their EP, “perception”, in May 2008. Then they parted ways with guitarist James Lano, who was replaced by Jerry Pierce. VersaEmerge later signed with Fueled By Ramen. They started writing their self-titled EP, recorded with producer James Paul Wisner. The EP was released on February 3, 2009, available on Fueled By Ramen shop, ITunes and concerts.
The self-titled EP (2008-2009)

Later they went to the “Secret Valentine Tour” with a title of We The Kings, Maine, Cab, and there on the morrow.  After the Secret Valentine Tour, VersaEmerge gained more fans and was selected to play in 2 of 4 date to give him the title of the 2009 festival in the UK with bands such as Taking Back Sunday, Underoath, Thursday, Escape The Fate, and Innerpartysystem. They returned to the United States and almost immediately left for New Jersey-Bamboozle.  When they returned to their home in Florida after that, they began writing for his LP for several months and then went to Warped Tour ’09. After the Warped Tour was over they went to Malibu to write and record their LP, it collected for the “OP” tour headlined Featuring Boys Like Girls, Co-headliner Cobra Starship, Maine, and rockets to the moon.


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