Dec 17, 2010

The 'Glee' Cast Share Secret Christmas Plans

For the 'Glee' cast and crew members, Christmas comes early this year. According to statements given by Chris Colfer, Jayma Mays and Lou Eyrich to the media, the cast and crew will take part in a Christmas party to be held in the sets of 'Glee' on the 17th of December.Capture
In fact Jayma Mays, Chris Colfer and the 'Glee' designer Lou Eyrich look quite excited while discussing their Christmas plans with the media.

So what exactly is their perfect idea of celebrating Christmas? Well, the news is that each cast and crew member has a secret Santa gift for one or more members in the 'Glee' team. But try to ask them about their choice of gifts or about the people who they have chosen to give their gifts to and they immediately become tight-lipped. Well, Chris Colfer, Jayma Mays and Lou Eyrich have their mouths tightly shut before the 'Glee' dress designer bursts out in laughter.

Lou Eyrich is of the opinion that everybody is aware about who each other's giftees are but are still pretending that it is a big secret and an even bigger Christmas surprise. However, she is thoroughly enjoying her Christmas surprise and is eagerly waiting for the Christmas presents to fall into her lap. Apart from the gifts, a huge "Surf N Turf meal" will also be presented to the cast and crew members of 'Glee'. Now that's what we call a Merry Christmas!


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