Dec 6, 2010

Facebook Cartoon Profile Pic' For Child Abuse

Facebook-Cartoon-Profilecampaign stared on Facebook asking people to make Facebook cartoon profile pic, to fight against child abuse. This campaign which started as a game from Greece, on mid of November, took up a more serious turn on December 6th and was famous all across the globe. Mark Zuckerberg, also confirmed the introduction of the campaign make 'Facebook cartoon profile pic'. The campaign has got nearly 90,000 fans in just one day.

The big question is who started this campaign? No non-profit organisation has taken up the responsibility and thus, the good news is that no money is funneled into legitimate organisation. Some websites have claimed British charity NSPCC to be the one to introduce it but they however deny it. NSPCC has posted on Twitter, ‘Although the NSPCC did not originate the childhood cartoon Facebook campaign, we welcome the attention it has brought to the work we do.’

Another big question is how does make 'Facebook cartoon profile pic' help to fight against child abuse? Blogger Shayne House said: ‘Facebook cartoon profile pic does not really support the NSPCC unless it inspires or encourages you or someone else to volunteer or donate, which hopefully it will. Did it inspire you? It inspired me to write about it and make a donation.’

Insiders have revealed that this campaign seems to have a lot of influence from across the world and their sole aim of 'Facebook cartoon profile pic' was to urge every user of Facebook to remove their profile pic and replace it with a cartoon. How it will help the cause to fight against child abuse still needs to be seen.


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