Dec 8, 2010

Google Unveils more of Chrome OS, Netbooks in 2011

Chrome-OSThe Chrome Web Store will be a centralized location for people to discover new web apps. They are divided into categories like the way apps are in the Android OS. Some of the popular examples are TweetDeck and Amazon Kindle. The store will consist of free as well as paid web-apps. Technically, as these are web-apps most can pretty much be opened on any other browser and in any other OS by going to once it's live later in the day. But the installation, navigation and integrated payment system will work only in Chrome. Bottomline: It'd be better if you use the Chrome browser.

- There's a Cloud Printing service that lets you wirelessly print to any device on the network using a Chrome OS netbook.

- At the times when the Internet connection is not available, you can still use apps offline provided they are designed that way. For example, a button on the top-right switches Google Docs into offline mode so you can continue work even offline.

- Chrome OS Netbooks will come with a Qualcomm Gobi wireless modem that will work worldwide. In the US, CDMA operator Verizon has been chosen to provide Internet access on the go. Plans start from USD 9.99 per month, and the first 100MB data per month is free for two years. There's no contracts to be signed before using this service.

- Citrix, a virtual desktop app maker, showed off Microsoft Excel and Solidworks eDrawings running within the Chrome browser window (the actual apps were running at a remote data center)

- Notebooks (mind you, not Netbooks) from Acer and Samsung running Chrome OS would go on sale globally in mid-2011. Other OEMs will follow later. Sorry to break it to you fellas, but no official Google-branded Netbooks in today's announcement. But...

- They're staring a Chrome OS Pilot program where they have a testing-grade, non-commercial notebook running Chrome OS. Initially, only a certain companies will get their hands on one. If you live in the US, there's a chance you might get one if you register at their Application page here. Applicants will get the Notebook codenamed CR-48. It's features are as follows:

- a 12.1 inch display
- an Atom processor
- full-sized keyboard 
- big touchpad
- Wi-fi 802.11n and World-mode 3G
- 8+ hours of active use battery life

- A webcam

- Runs on an SSD (Solid State Disk) and weighs 3.8 pounds (1.72 kilograms)


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