Jan 28, 2011

Sony unveils new handheld games console NGP

 11x0127by8vb423vb-420-90Sony has unveiled a new handheld games console, which company bosses say they have officially named as the NGP or Next Generation Portable.

The device was unveiled at a special event in Tokyo, and no details have been provided as to the cost, but it is expected to be out sometime towards the end of 2011, the BBC reported.

The NGP boasts of a 5-inch OLED touch screen as well as Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, which will enable people to download games and other content.

The oval design also features a rear panel touchpad to control certain actions, a motion sensor, a front and rear camera, the traditional navigation buttons, and for the first time, dual analogue sticks.

Executives at Sony hope the new features will be good enough to win over gamers. (ANI)


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