Feb 22, 2011

Gaga compares 'Born..' tracks to drugs

Lady GaGa(1)Lady Gaga has compared some of the tracks on 'Born This Way' to drugs.

While discussing the eclectic sound of her forthcoming record, the singer said her first single was like the drug 'cannabis' compared to the 'heroin' - a much stronger and more dangerous drug - of some of the other tracks.

"I, in jest, say that 'Born This Way' is the marijuana to the heroins of the album, the ultimate intense intoxication of the record. It''s an analogy," Contactmusic quoted her, as telling Billboard.

"On the album there''s not an incredible amount of breadth and eccentricity. It''s quite eclectic. It ranges from 'Born This Way' being very light to the rest of the album becoming quite darker," she added.


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