Feb 4, 2011

RCom launches 'job search on voice' service

olpc-reliance-logoAnil Ambani-led Reliance Communications has launched "job search on voice" service that would enable its customers to connect to the recruiters directly on phone line at a subscription of Rs 30 per month.

Customers can avail these services by dialling 58010. The service has auto renewal facility with fallback options of Rs 20 for 20 days and Rs 10 for 10 days. No browsing charges are involved while the renewal grace period is three days.

"The service is a real-time connection between the recruiter and the candidates and is initiated by playing the phone number of the employer which enables the job seeker to listen to the job announcements and the recruiter can listen to profiles of hundreds of candidates that matches his requirement," the company said in a statement.

Job seekers can submit their profiles and browse through hundreds of matching jobs. The service will provide details of the selected job through SMS.

"The new mobile platform fulfills the desire of thousands of eager candidates to be able to submit the resumes to recruiters from anywhere, even when they do not have access to Internet connected computers and listen to job profiles and offers," said Anil Pande, Reliance Communications head for value added services.


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