Mar 17, 2011

The Kumars at No.42' to return to BBC

Tarticle-1031947-0292B9CA0000044D-732_468x557he cult hit BBC show 'The Kumars at No.42' which saw a fictional British Indian family interview celebrities, is set for a second innings, said the series' star and creator Sanjeev Bhaskar.

Bhaskar said that the original cast of the Emmy winning show, has agreed to reunite and is currently in talks with BBC, reported Sun online.

Bhaskar said that he wanted the show to have a "credit crunch spin" and have the fictional Kumar family move to a flat above a shop.

And he said the family, in another nod to tougher times, could tackle MPs about serious issues, as well as chat to celebrities.

Bhaskar who recently won a Royal Television Society award for his work in another BBC drama 'The Indian Doctor', said the cast were now waiting for the go-ahead from TV bosses.

"I want the Kumars to return, all the cast are up for it. But I'd like to see it set above a shop to reflect the credit crunch," he said.

"We never got politicians on the show when it originally aired but I'd love to, particularly
ones from the Coalition," he added.

The show, one of the first to comprise a fully ethnic minority cast, pulled in up to 4 million viewers when it was launched in 2001, with its final series airing in 2006.

It has inspired versions around the world, including in Australia, India and Pakistan


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