Mar 24, 2011

Listen to Don Quixote on YouTube

don-quixotePeople from all over the world shot videos against iconic landmarks while reading different fragments of Don Quixote. These have been now uploaded on YouTube as a complete novel.

A total of 4,308 YouTube users from around the world sent videos of different fragments of Miguel de Cervantes’ knightly tale, of which Spain’s Royal Academy of the Spanish Language chose 2,149.

Japan’s Mount Fuji and Argentine and Mexican people dressed as the characters, Sancho Panza and Don Quixote, were also part of the scenes edited into the final production.

Jose Manuel Blecua, director of the academy, said: “There are no better arms for championing Spanish on the web than Quixote and Sancho.”

The project had begun Sep 30 last year to promote the use of Spanish on the internet.

“This is Quixote seen anew,” Blecua said. “The internet is a wonderful way to disseminate the language and linguistic resources, as well as the work done by researchers of the language.”


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