May 6, 2011

Blackberry Playbook To Have Video Chat App Soon

RIM announced that the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is likely to have the Video Chat app by next month.blackberry-playbook-xl
The front 5MP camera would be utilized once the PlayBook Video Chat app is available. Tom Goguen, Research In Motion (RIM) Collaboration and Social Networking’s VP said, "With the BlackBerry PlayBook Video Chat application we are excited to be enabling our customers to share important moments and events with family and friends via video calls. With the BlackBerry PlayBook's high-resolution video cameras and stunning display, a Video Chat call is the next best thing to being there."
Another exciting feature to be included is the picture-in-picture view which will enable a user to see what the other person is seeing. This app will function through Wi-Fi connection.
The only possible negative aspect about it is that this app can be used only with another PlayBook tablet. However, it might prove useful for the organizations which require co-workers to communicate with each other via Video Chat facility.
It would have been more useful if RIM would have facilitated the PlayBook users to have a video chat with other Apple devices just like Apple’s FaceTime which can also be used by RIM for video chat. But, unfortunately the PlayBook wouldn’t be able to connect a video chat with other Macs, iPhones and iPad 2s.


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