Jun 8, 2011

Forgot to charge your iPod, just plug it into an iKini...

Ithumbnailt may well be something of a niche market.

But for those fed up with their iPod running out of power when lazing about in a bikini, help is at hand.

It comes in the shape of a £120 swimsuit made of solar panels that can charge everything from an MP3 to a camera.
The designer, New York-based Andrew Schneider, is even hoping to create a pair of trunks that can cool beer.

He spends up to 80 hours creating each bikini with 40 paper thin flexible, photo-voltaic panels and conductive thread.
The user can even take a dip. ‘You just need to be dry before hooking up,’ he added.

Anyone worried about getting a shock from their swimwear needn’t be. ‘You wouldn’t even feel the charge,’ insisted Schneider.


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