Jun 27, 2011

Ice Mobile aims to sell one million low radiation phones


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Ice Mobile Network expects to sell over a million of its co-branded, low radiation Alcatel Ice3 handsets by the end of the 2011-12 financial year.

"We have conservative estimates of selling 1 million very low level radiation handset in this financial year," Ice Mobile Network Systems Managing Director M S Malik told media.

He said that Alcatel Ice mobiles have lowest Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) certification, a unit to measure radiation being emitted from mobile phones. "Our phones have SAR below 1.6 watt per kilogram," he said.

"We are expecting the government to take stringent action against the import of high radiation emitting handsets, based on an inter-ministerial report. This will chuck out a large number of cheap handsets floating in India," Malik said.

Eyeing the gaps in the mobile phone market, he said that the company will provide replacement warranty on mobile phone if the service centre of the company fails to fix a defect in its handsets.

"Our defect ratio is the least compared to the industry average. Since January, we have sold 150 thousand handsets and only 859 have complained," Malik told media. "We will replace the handset with a new one if the defect in the handsets under warranty period is not fixed for the second time by our service centres," Malik added.

He said that company will focus on having the best after-sales service in the market as many companies selling mobile phones imported from China are creating a bad experience for Indian consumers. Malik said the expansion plan of Ice Mobile has been built around after-sales service support.

"We will be expanding our reach in 35 cities this year. Our focus is on tier 2 cities. The expansion will be done in those cities where we can provide adequate after-sales service support," Malik said.


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