Apr 20, 2010

Robert De Niro to sip coffee with fans for charity!

Robert De Niro has agreed to have coffee with two of his fans who are ready to bid for his company.

The actor hopes to raise fund for the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice.

The bidding at the foundation's website, RFKCenter.org, hovered around 6,000 dollars.

"This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," the New York Daily News quoted Kerry Kennedy, who directs the human rights organization.

De Niro is known to be a man of less words in Hollywood, so it remains to be seen how he entertains the two lucky fans.

Kerry revealed that her mother convinced the 'Taxi Driver' star for the act.

She said: "I wish I could take credit. But it was my mother."

Also celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Anna Wintour, Gwen Stefani, Meryl Streep and Alicia Keys have offered to help.

The RFK Center "defends courageous people all over the world."


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