Apr 8, 2010

Rocky Lockridge

Cover of "Rocky"

Cover of Rocky

Rocky Lockridge is known as the champ, by the local people. Rocky has been the former boxer and the world champion. Rocky’s boxing record includes 44 wins with 9 losses only. He was also featured on the A&E’s intervention episode. It was found out that Rocky is an alcoholic, which affected his health a lot.

Since his health was adversely affected; the level of his performance also suffered a lot. Now Rocky is back to start his career again. Rocky became an alcohol addict due to his personal and family issues. As A&E intervention focused on to letting the druggist’s like Rocky Lockridge and others, to get out of the problem that how they could return to their normal life with joy and happiness.

According to a report on 5th April 2010, Rocky was admitted to the hospital where he was kept under consideration by the doctors. Rocky has spent three months in the hospital without his family, as he has been divorced. When Rocky’s children came to know about this incident, he received a lot of help from them too.

The Retired Boxers Foundation mentioned to Rocky that they are willing to help him only in case if he would be leaving drugs and would be living on his own. The fear of losing his family has made him suffer from different problems and besides that; he’s seemingly gone older too.

Looking onto his personal life, he had a very bad experience with his wife. The bad experience happened to be the divorce between both of them but now he has been living his life as a homeless and a single person. In the past many years Rocky has won the IBF title and other championships.


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