Apr 8, 2010

Tiger Woods and Nike creates buzz with New Commercial

Tiger Woods

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On April 7th, Nike aired the latest Tiger Woods Nike commercial. Filmed all in black and white, Tiger stands alone, staring into the camera. The voice is his father, Earl Woods is speaking. Tiger appears to be listening.

The 23 second long commercial has cause a controversy among casual sports fans, the media, as well as golf purist. Some have indicated possible infringement issues because of using the voice of someone who did not directly give permission to have their voice used. Others feel like he’s trying to hard to get back in the public’s good graces. Many members of the media have expressed that it’s to early for Tiger to start making commercials again-that he must first take care of his family issues, then prove himself again on the golf course. Some have even said the commercial is boring.

Yet Nike (the only company that did not drop Tiger as their sponsor) has never backed away from using Tiger to grab the worlds attention. Remember “Hello World” and “I am Tiger Woods” commercials? Whether you like the ad or not, Nike has acheived it’s purpose: get everyone to watch, and get everyone to talk about it. Mission accomplished Nike.


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