Aug 25, 2010

Apple patents iMac that converts into an iPad at the touch of a button

Apple has filed a patent for a touchscreen iMac desktop computer that can turn into an iPad, it has been revealed.

The patent, which was filed in January, shows a screen that can be adjusted so it moves up or down and can switch between OS X and the iPhone’s operating system iOS.

The patent would appear to support internet rumours that Apple is working on a design which will combine the iPhone’s intuitive touchscreen in a more powerful machine. imac1_wideweb__470x31622

The diagram that accompanies the patent application shows a conventional iMac that twists to become a touchscreen iPad

The patent, which was picked up by Patently Apple, a website that monitors the firm’s applications, shows a large flatscreen monitor that can be swiveled so it resembles a larger version of the iPad.

To switch between the two modes the user simply grasps the edge of the monitor, where advanced touch sensors send a signal to the computer to change operating systems.

The user will also be able to determine at precisely what angle the device stops acting as an iMac and when it becomes more like an iPad.

The patent, which is called 'Transitioning with modes of input' was filed with the World Intellectual Property Organisation on Jan 14.

Last week, a Taiwanese newspaper reported that Apple was about to launch the iPad 2 - a seven-inch version of its bestselling device.

The claim, in Chinese-language Economic Daily, was that Apple had contracted a number of Taiwanese companies to manufacture parts for the new device


Anonymous,  August 25, 2010 at 8:36 AM  

Rather than “sticking to your guns” and maintaining a focus on your core business, try branching out like Apple and Nike have ---- it will actually feed buyers back into what your core product was.

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