Oct 7, 2010

Karen Owen List

0_61_duke_campusKaren Owen List, Duke University college athletes are taking another man beating. Duke University ’10 alumna Karen Owen wrote a mock thesis called “An education beyond the classroom. Excelling in the field of academics horizontal,” His thesis reveals details of 13 about his S-EX-ual conquests with leading high-profile athletes.
Owen emailed the PowerPoint presentation to three friends and had no intentions of becoming the e-mail when viral. However, within hours, the Power Point presentation was all over the web on listservs and Web sites like Gawker and Jezebel.com Deadspin.com.
The power of Owen Point was designed in a case study format. She “researched” 13 subjects. The research involved S-EX-ual experiences with them. Their subjects were evaluated on the basis of their personality, physical characteristics, S-EX-ual experience and behavior during the “investigation.”
Then compiled a list and ranked each on the basis of their scores.
When I first saw the presentation in Power Point, the identity of each subject were disclosed. She had pictures, names and full description of their meeting. I was impressed by the fact that none of their identities had been concealed.
I’m sure the 13 players in basketball, lacrosse and tennis considers that an invasion of privacy. The anguish and disappointment of their mothers who were more than what they were hoping to deal with when “Hitch” with Karen Owen.
More importantly, what will it look like the employment potential for these athletes? Owen did these young people seem gentleman.
In fact, his Power Point made many of them seem to idiots who do not respect women.
Furthermore, delivery was something funny, and clearly demonstrated his ability to write well. If anything good can come of this, would be that she can write a book later and will probably sell.
According to deadspin.com, the main producing organisms such as William Morris and in contact with Owen in the hope of turning this into a movie. She has received many accolades and attention to S-EX-ual freedom, especially because she is a woman and despises the men who supported the controversial double standard between men and women.


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