Nov 13, 2010

Twitter got new Shortcuts to use with new UI

Twitter developers are working on new version of there website. Few days ago they have opened the beta of new User Interface of the website. A message will pop up at the header of website to invite its user to use and try the new more sophisticated interface of the website. You can anytime revert back to the older version of the twitter by changing it from your profile settings.

New twitter interface brings the new shortcuts for the users to do common tasks on twitter website very easily and rapidly. here is the list of new twitter shortcuts:

f : favorite
r : reply
t : retweet
m : direct message
n : new Tweet
enter : toggle details pane
? : this menu
j : next Tweet
k : previous Tweet
space : page down
/ : search
. : refresh Tweets and back to top
g h : home
g r : replies / mentions
g p : profile
g f : favorites
g m : messages
g u : go to user


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