Apr 18, 2010

How to Make Your Website Appeal to Its Target Market

The best websites all have the same thing in common. They fit their purpose. It is easy to plough in head first into designing a website, adding incredible images, backgrounds and theme colours, but it is hard to balance them so that the website has the desired effect.

Welsh businesses are finding it difficult to find a web designer in Cardiff that is aware of this concept. It is only half the battle to have the technical skills to build a website; the rest is in the colour, layout and functionality.

Before you start building a website it is important to make sure that its layout and look is thoroughly planned. If done properly, the website will be an accurate virtual representation of the nature of the business, however if it is done wrong, the website can actually give the consumer a misinformed impression of the business.

Consider you are looking for an accountant and you have narrowed your choices down to just two, both of whom have professional websites. Let us imagine that one of them has a website with a black background, his banner contains green flashing money symbols and it contains images of bundles of cash. The other has a well laid out website with a white background with an image of a clear blue sky as a banner and includes photographs of people in suites with briefcases. In this scenario it is likely that most people will pick the second accountant for blatant reasons.

However, a black background would be ideal for a rock band or a night club. The black background image would be giving the target audience the correct representation of the business or band. A skilled web designer will know how important the visuals and images on the website are and how they can give psychological links and associations with good or bad results.

One way to be sure that your getting your website right and that it is appropriate for its target audience is to visit websites of successful companies. A large corporation will very rarely get it wrong, they will rarely use too many colours and you will find their layout is always simple and efficient. If you do feel the need to use a lot of colours for your site, pastels are a wise choice. Bold colours can often clash together, but pastel colours will generally work in harmony with each other.


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